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Vendetta - Brain Damage lyrics

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Brain Damage by Vendetta

[Vocals: Micky/Daxx]
Life is like a vehement vortex, evil hands draw me into it.
Down into the depths of confusion. Need a gulp (cause) there's
A storm in my head.
Now I'm the man. I'm a winner, the holy bottle gives me strength to live.
(I) ride with wind of satisfaction. Ecstasy - only one way to get it.
I'm cryin' help me screamin', pure shock, my blood is steamin'.
My damned brain's going insane.
Wet friend I need your touch now, need your protection somehow.
Take me, take my mind to be.
Now, you're in my thoughts and nightmares, my helpless mind is possessed
By you, 'cause you're the only sense of my living, you took my soul, you're
The storm in my head.
My hand, my body's tremblin'. You are my God of living.
Of sadness, of dying.
Our love - and hate-relation, a road with one more station
Of mania, of dying.
I perish - no more feeling, last alcoholic creedence
Alone with my nightmare.
No hope and no escapin', it's just my life you're takin'
I'm empty, no chance to be.

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