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Vandaveer - Dig Down Deep lyrics

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Dig Down Deep by Vandaveer

Dig down deep don't fold
For the faintest wind might blow
You're off your mark, off your game
Soil your old man's good name
Hoist your head, don't weep.
For a terrible storm might sweep
You're out to sea, that big, black sea
We'll lay you down to sleep
And the soldiers circle round and round
And the trumpeter's horn blows a deafening sound
You plant your feet, you stand your ground
While the bricks you lay
They come crumbling down
From head to toe
Covered up in dust like Jericho
When you shed your skin down to your bones
You know a house don't make a home
When you build it all alone, no, no
That's just a hollow skeleton of sticks and stones
Left, right, left, we'll march
To the pounding beat of our hearts
And the battle will rattle the earth
Down to its core
Do you forget just what we're fighting for?
And the sun will rise in the east
And the crimson'll stream at your feet
We'll come and recede
We'll bathe in stain (?)
And by the grace of God we can start again

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