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Vandals - Euro-Barge lyrics

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Euro-Barge by Vandals

Here in America, respect your fellow man - Some foreign cultures don't understand - We got this little rule and it's called elbow room - Pertaining to the spacial occupancy you consume - It I'm in front of line, then you should stay behind - Until I get my iceless soda. - It's such a simple thing it's called first come first serve - Wooden clogs that smash my feet I really don't deserve - In every region it seems there's a legion of impatient close talking - slime, that cut in line. - Barge me with your walkin' spray me with your talkin' - I am the ambassador of kick your assador - What's your affinity for my vicinity. - There's plenty room here in your country - It's just good etiquette to use deodorant. - Maybe smelling bad's the way you choose to represent - Boozy and stinkin' I smell what your thinkin' - I just need a little more space Get out my face - Barge me with your walkin', spray me with your talkin' - Back the fuck up ass hole shut your bread & cheese hole - Tryin' to make myself clear, give me just a foot here - You offend my sinus, I'll kick your royal highness - I'll see your Euro-barge my friend, and raise you one Ugly American - In every region - it's seems there's a legion of- impatient close talking slime- that cut in line - Barge me with your walkin' spray me with your talkin' - Push you out of the way sock you in the pate' - Step right off you inbred, hygiene like a deadhead - I am the ambassador, of fuckin' kick your assador! Shnew!

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