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Vandals - Clowns Are Experts (At Making Us Laugh) lyrics

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Clowns Are Experts (At Making Us Laugh) by Vandals

Clowns are neato clowns are fun - Clowns are loved by everyone - Cops n' commies even fags - Everybody loves a gag - Clowns everywhere are freakin' out - In parades they scream n' shout - They're sad as hell, and they're singin' the blues - Cause no one laughs at their great big shoes - Here's some clowns we really love: Bozo, Scoopy, Rusty Nails - Here's a clown we really hate: Ronald McDonald - (He's only in it for the burgers) - I saw a clown in the mall today - My brother cried and he ran away - They get no respect, aren't served in bars - No matter how many friends they can fit in their cars - The other day I was drivin' around in the clown-mobile with 17 of my - friends towin' the - ferris wheel in the back and this cop pulls me over and says, "Where ya - goin' Bozo?" - I said, "I'm not Bozo. I sure wish I was, though. The man's a friggin' - genius." - Clowns are forced to take jobs across the nation - Below the level of their education - It's hard as hell to make ends meet - With a painted face and gigantic feet - Yesterday I was sittin' in a bar havin' a drink and this clown walks in and - says, - "Bartender, give me a tree fort." The bartender looks at him and says, - "What's in - a tree fort?" "Playboy books and cigars." - Last verse same as the first Acapulco version, ten times worse

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