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Vandals - Choosing You Masters lyrics

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Choosing You Masters by Vandals

I think my TV's busted - if not this country's dusted - 'cause I think I saw 7 Mary 3, - and they were on the MTV - They were telling the people to rock the what? - Talentless hippies, Hootie wannabees, - Southern fried kings of mediocrity - Now let me get this straight - you want MTV viewers, - the worlds biggest losers, - to vote? - the idea's wrong - in fact there ought to be a law - if you can sit through a Silverchair video - you shouldn't be allowed to vote at all - They call it a revolution, I call it a curse - Tabitha sucks and Kennedy's worse - it's like I got Clockwork Orange things on my eyelids - as I watch the fans of Stone Temple Pilots seize power - A layer of shit spreads across the land - it's a PSA from the Rollins Band - now the sellout of all time, - who can't sing or write a rhyme - is telling his Genius club - they have a voice? - Well the voice of his fans, - like those of Blind Melons - should be lumped together - w/ convicted felons - Just a segment of society - Not encouraged to engage in public policy - This idea's wrong, - in fact there ought to be a law. - Anyone who bought the last Hole record - should be thoroughly deprogrammed - for the safety of us all - This idea's wrong - don't choose your masters

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