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Usurper - Shadowfiend lyrics

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Shadowfiend by Usurper

Welcome to your death
For it is the time you die
Feel my wolven claws
Stare into my empty eyes
Welcome to your torment...
My ecstasy - your pain
Hypnosis... lyring prey
The wrath of Hades flame
Lurking... waiting
I am the shadowfiend
Torment... obsession
I am the shadowfiend
Welcome to the darkness
Pain is what I give
See me salivating
You won't have long to live
Welcome to my violence
Pleasure creating death
Fetish with the dying
The children's blood upon my breath
[Solo: Scythe]
I am your worst nightmare
Your fear adds to my strength
Appearing from the darkness
My claws sink into your flesh
Crimson rivers soon are drained
My jagged teeth are stained red
Rip out your heart, I drink your blood
Their bodies ripped to shreds...

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