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US The Band - What It Was Like lyrics

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What It Was Like by US The Band

Moira: What it was like, I need to know
Is this always how the situation goes?
Will it always be this oppressive?
At least the history will be quite impressive!
But really it doesn’t matter to me,
As long as I go down in history!
Dan: It doesn’t seem fair as I glance through the door,
My best agent gone and she’s here no more.
So please tell me what it was like,
Before I make the announcement at the mike.
Laura: Oh, if she wasn’t my friend,
I couldn’t care less.
But no, she’s my very best friend,
And if I don’t find her it’ll be quite a mess!
Moira: What it was—
Dan: What it was—
Laura: What it was—
Moira: Like, I need to know—(They each sing their respective parts simutainiously.)
But I don’t know what it was like.

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