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Used Cars - Shocking Sex lyrics

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Shocking Sex by Used Cars

I woke up in the morning with my head turnin' 'round
I'd really need a coffee, not my mama's voice's sound
I drank too much with my friends last night
But I remember the girl with whom I spent my time
She was all dressed up in black with spike heels
Eyes like blades, and hot lips made to kill
She said "Hey babe, what you gonna do
I'll make you wonder: I wanna shake with you"
I answered "I'm a bad boy, sure I'll go to hell
but I'm so hungry too, you know it so well
I don't need no doctors and I don't need no pills
All I need from you is a heart thrill"
Shocking sex for exciting combinations
I like swimmin' in the lap of luxury
Shocking sex for exciting dirty action
Turn on the light 'cause I do wanna see.
Some people spend their time in front of the T.V. screen
Hard core movies, porno magazines
The way is the same and I can tell you more
Sex and not love is what they're lookin' for
Baby suck my honey and I'll make it too
Upside down is sweet hell painted blue
I'll do what you want, pleasure guaranteed
I'm so glad you're the girl I need
sh*tmade D.J. don't you turn me around
I'm out of control but I'm not sick and down
Let me hear good music we want rock'n'roll
For sex and rock, well I'd sell my soul
Whyskey starts to rock me, I get out of control
She's a heart attack, that's what I have told
For sex and rock, well I could sell my soul

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