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Unni Wilhelmsen - Perfectly Allright lyrics

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Perfectly Allright by Unni Wilhelmsen

It's allright I'll come back later
Hope I didn't disturb anything
It's allright Iæm perfectly happy
Just can't keep my hands still
It's allright, yes, I'll manage
Had some stuff to do
Was gonna let it wait, if only
But I'm not saying that to you
It's allright, I understand
No, no, there's no need
I'm okay
Really I am
Will I see you next week?
It's allright, I'm not lonely
The hall window is hard to look through
I simply needed to see you tonight
All the stupid things I do
It's allright, look, I'm smiling
Don't need your bullshit right now
How did you manage to make me feel so lost, so strange somehow
It's allright, I can come back sometime
Maybe we can go for that beer
Not I'm thinking, Back and out of the door
Trying to look like I just don't care
It's allright, I'm just gonna kick around this garbage can some more
Don't mind me, I'm just beeing childish
What did I have to come here for?
It's allright I can come back some time
Ofcourse we can go for that beer
Not I'm thinking, back and out of the door
Ain't gonna show my face around here no more

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