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UNLV - Straight out tha gutta lyrics

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Straight out tha gutta by UNLV

Verse One: {Tec-9}
Straight out tha gutta they label a nigga
As a problem to the other side but they just
Want to take me for a ride you ask the question on
Why I like to use the "N" word
Well that's the only way a nigga is heard
Now I'm young and I'm black that puts odds against me
I often carry the nine cuz I got to defend me
Gun shot to yo head now you dead uh huh
That mean some drama bout to happen
Motherf**ka, yeah I'm to much trouble
I can't stay at my mom's house
Mama goin' crazy thinkin' my time is runnin' out
So now I'm a nigga with a time limit
On top of all that I got hooked up on some hoe sh*t
They say I fit the description of a 187 suspect
So now the Parish Prison Blue is in effect
But this ain't nothin' to a brother
Cuz I've handle sh*t like this once before
Because I'm straight out the gutta
Chorus: {Lil' Ya/Yella Boy}
They just want to take me for a ride a ride
Miss don't try to touch my nuts to see if I'll pull the trigger
They just want to take me for a ride a ride
Miss don't try to touch my nuts to see if I'll pull the trigger
They just want to take me for a ride
Verse Two: {Tec-9}
Now I'm out in the gutta nothin' but a trap
You can't survive if you can't stay strapped
So watch yo back gangster
I hear this story and I started to get hecked
I'm figurin' a plan so my boys can be protected
I ain't about to let this sh*t go down
Cuz before I go down I'm a show these niggas how to clown
You got yo strap I got my sh*t
So what ya wanna do I'm bout to bring some drama to you
Now how do it feel to feal the steel of a real ass nigga
I know that you slipped because I'm bangin' and bangin'
At yo ass with the motherf**kin' hollow tip
I told you once before I got nuts I got heart and
Ammunition I'm a real ass nigga
Straight out tha gutta
Chorus: {2x}
Verse Three: {Tec-9}
Everyday there's a murder case in my hood
And them gangsters I grew up
Still up to no good my nigga lyin' on the ground
All shot up and everybody no the motherf**ka who did him up
Nigga da nigga da nigga uhh uhh watch yo back
Cuz I'm packin' the gat but ain't nobody sayin' a
Damn thing and I don't feel a nigga so
I'm lettin' my f**kin' nuts hang
Machine gun, three eighty, AK, glock forty-five
With all that ammunition how the f**k you gonna stay alive!
I take out yo clip because sh*t gettin' deeper
I predict the future when i see ya I'm a kill ya
Cuz once live a nigga who tested my nuts
Yeah he's a sucker, because I clipped out
And shot the motherf**ker it goes on and on
In the heart of the gutta
Smokin' blunt after blunt we gettin'
High as a motherf**ka
I was a villain since my day of birth
Yeah, I got popped with a pump but it didn't hurt
My big brother told me wrong he didn't teach me right
Cuz everyday I went to school I got into a fight
I ain't with that sh*t because it's really wasn't about that sh*t
Yeah, but I never let me guard down ya heard me
Chorus: {4x}

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