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UNLV - Hood mac lyrics

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Hood mac by UNLV

Verse One: {Lil' Ya}
Twenty seven twelve that's where I dwell
But you had to have heart to be down
From the start cuz a nigga didn't play
That hoe sh*t if you got jacked you had to
Strap and that's a rap b**ch
Cuz gee's are gee's and youngsters are hustlers
You come up in the third bein' a buster
Cuz if the capital YA found out about you nigga
I have to take yours to make mine bigger
And you can go get yo boys and they better come correct
Cuz I got K's and I'm a put yo ass in check
You like a pussy cat comin' up in the wood
Try'na survive in my motherf**kin' hood
Chorus: {Bridge/Lil' Ya & Yella Boy}
{Lil' Ya}
It's the mac from the motherf**kin' hood y'all
It's the mac from the motherf**kin' hood
{Yella Boy}
I'm sick and tired I'm sick and tired
Of these b**ches playin' with me
I'm from the three you better respect UNLV
Verse Two: {Yella Boy}
Daddy used to laugh till I bought the park fast
Started off with opportunities I achieved real fast
At the park ain't no joke I started movin' quarters
Like a baller people watchin' it's my dog
So he ain't callin' I'm bout puffin' as I
Choke to the chronic smoke
You see me comin' you hear the music
Joggers walkin' by I'm still drivin' twenty-four seven
Around the f**kin' block my nigga
Lil' Ya spittin' game at you dog hoes
f**k what you wearin' don't trip of them dog hoes
Them boys at Mac he down with them so it's all good
I'm with Tec-9 we be with mac's up to no good
Chorus: {2x}
Verse Three: {Lil' Ya}
It's the mac and I'm back on solo tip
I never fell in love and I never got pussy broke
Pimpin' up on b**ches on my block
From my hood and kept up the keys
You know I'm doin' good started workin' with
Twenty's now I flipped it to a half
Now I'm a quarter bird you b**ches can't laugh
So give me credit and stop try'na playa hate
Gettin' jealous never talk about me in my face
Talkin' behind my back I'm a f**k you
b**ches up real good cuz I'm a fool from the three
The mac fat from the motherf**kin' hood
Chorus: {2x}

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