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Ugly Duckling - Don't Go lyrics

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Don't Go by Ugly Duckling

This time, this time I love you
Last time, last time I hate you
Next time, next time I need you
Baby please don't go
Remember when I met you
School dress on
I never could forget you
And baby now you're gone
Im goin around, around today
Just tryin to find the truth
It doesnt't't really matter anyway
When Im livin without you
I said come on little darlin
Baby don't you see
Id never do you harmin, no
Its just you and me
Im in the corner right now
Waiting for your love
You better make your choice now
Before a push comes to a shove
Yeah things seem kinda different
It aint the way it was
Remember what your mama said
The bond that lies is us
Im by the phone, Im all alone
Just waitin and a prayin that maybe you'll call
I gotta know right now, should I stay around, should I stay a while
Should I stand here crying or baby should I fly - yeah!
Oh come on darlin, don't you se and don't you know,
I gotta have your lovin, now now I'll never let you go
Tryin to find that girl of mine
Shes so far away
And I am cryin - yeah!

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