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Two Fingerz - I'm Her Man (Sweet Baby Jesus) lyrics

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I'm Her Man (Sweet Baby Jesus) by Two Fingerz

Oh sweet Jesus, I don't know what to do
I got a long-legged woman but she's in love with you
I'm her man, but she don't treat me right
I bring her daisies every morning, roses every night
But she tells me they're the gift of God and I ain't got the right
I'm her man, but I ain't her Lord
Well you know I like whiskey, crazy about my gin
Well she told me to quit my low-down ways or she'd quit me like the wind
I'm her man, I do what she says
But one more trip downtown, you know, I gotta wet my lip
But Jesus went and told on me, I can't get a sip
I'm her man, I quit right away
So she took me to church last Sunday... God knows what for
I had to watch for three long hours while she made love to the Lord
I'm her man, but she don't know me no more
Well I can't heal no sick, and I can't sight no blind
But I can rip guitar like a holy ghost and she told her I ain't lyin'
She got her love, and the devil's mine
Oh Sweet Jesus, I found out what to do
You've been messin' with my woman, gonna put my gun on you
I'm her man, and her savior too

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