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Twice Born - Freedom lyrics

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Freedom by Twice Born

I'm proud to be a Christian
Where at least I know I'm free
And I won't forget the man who died on the Cross for me.
The world would say 'Do whatever makes you happy.'
Just be free!
No bondage, just liberty
But what they won't say is 'You become a slave to sin,
Bound in the chains of death, you become a victim.'
Get all you can get, and be all that you can be,
But you'll die-
Die in the yoke of slavery.
Sin has your soul in bondage
With all the debt to pay for it
God will set you free from it
God will set you free.
I can't believe that abortion's not genocide
And all of God's laws they just set aside
Legally they do what's wrong
Standing tall with no care for God at all.
This freedom is a gift, but you use it to corrupt yourself
To get what you want, and promote your selfishness
This freedom should be used to build yourself in Christ
So when you die
You'll have hope for eternal life.
We thank God for this freedom
Because He laid down His life for us
Make the choice to follow him
And God will set you free.

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