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Twelfth Night - File #2 lyrics

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File #2 by Twelfth Night

"Technician we want you to build a component
for each of our workers to be with them always
at all time watch closely so we can keep track of
their actions their interests their morals their time out
some musak to maim them some fear to
contain them
policy will judge them brute forces degrade them
practical behaviour the cleanser the saviour
a private vocation has no sense of nation
the maintenance of power can be so fulfilling
just as long as all the slaves are willing
so this i
s an order
we must curb thought disorder
with a miniature transmitter
we can pavlov the litter and train it to do as we
tell it state surgeon the seed plant thought soon get
a new slant so tiny a dogma idea turn to quagmire
thrum-humming transistor a
brain wave insistor
closed circuit hypnosis an inbuilt psychosis
not one self expression deliberate supression
a cycle to squeeze out anyone who we doubt
will must be pliable to be reliable"
tuned into the media system
picture getting hard to see
how did you end up as a prisoner
when you were supposed to be free?
(Oh wouldn't you like to know?)
lebensraum for megalomania
endless song with one refrain
all eyes fixed upon the conductor
baton taps inside the brain.....

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