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Turk - Macking and pimping lyrics

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Macking and pimping by Turk

f/ Kenoe
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[Turk talking]
Uh uh
Look b**ch better have my money (Better have my money)
Uh uh
Uh uh (Uh uh)
b**ch (b**ch better have...)
That b**ch better have my money
Mackin' n pimpin' these hoes
I make a b**ch call me daddy like I made that b**ch
Dressed up keep her healthy tell her crazy sh*t
Like I'ma take her to the movies, f**kin' where I meant to
Makin' a b**ch confused that's what I'm in to
Five minutes all it take, I can brake any race
Black, white, Hispanic it don't matter to me
Cause nigga pimpin' ain't dead, nigga just scared
Lovin' these hoes and steady gettin' paid
Fall weak for a b**ch, never did never will
Beat a hoe like Ike nigga that's on the real
Tryna go under, and I find out
Strip her naked put her in a tub of ice in my house
Get a python snake scare the b**ch half to death
I bet, I don't have problems after that
Keep my hoes in line, look never disrespect
All they do is make money and bring it back to me
[Kenoe: Chorus x 2]
First I mack the b**ch, get her on my team
Make her fall in love fill her head up with dreams
Then I pimp the b**ch have her makin' green
All day and night bring it back home to me
[Kenoe (Turk)]
Pimpin' ain't easy that's why we dog these hoes
Might over macks we don't love these hoes
Rule number one, never ever trust a b**ch
Cause a hoe will getcha f**ked up and leave ya dick sick
Puerto Rican, Dominican all kinds of b**ches
Like to suck on they titties put my dick in they kittens
But I'll bat a b**ch up if she cross me
Like that hoe named Ashley made her suck me
b**ch please, you try to keep my car
I putcha truck on ?? punch a girl in the jaw
Like Turk said (b**ch you must not know my background)
Night rider, Skinny Pimp n reppin' that Oaktown
Got a ?? in every city and I fly for free
Gettin' brain on the plane gettin' high with me
My uncle Snoop Dogg told me to maintain my G
f**k a captain save-a-hoe
I make the hoe save me
[Kenoe: Chorus x 2]
Kenoe, look..
Nigga pimpin' aint easy but somebody gotta do it
Put these hoes to work, make them think it's all good
Gotta let a b**ch know where the f**k she stand
Which one wear the skirt and which one wear the pants
I tell a b**ch go get money
She bringin' it back
When I program the b**ch
Have her bringin' me stacks
All business no pleasure
Cash, no checks
??... just don't play with me
You can tell I'm a mack by the way that I talk
You can tell I'm a G by the way that I walk
You can tell I'm super fly by the way that I dress
Ya own momma wanna f**k talkin' bout I'm a mess
Now follow me
I keep a gangsta hoe on my side that'll shank a b**ch
I've been in the game been pimpin' hoes and have 'em suckin' dick
Can I take y'all way back to 1996
I've been in the game been pimpin' hoes and have 'em suckin' dick
[Kenoe: Chorus x 2]
[Turk talking]
It's like that
Pimpin' these hoes
It ain't over
U understand?
I gotta send my shouts out
To all the motherf**kin' pimps across town
U understand, that nigga Don Juan
That nigga Pimpin Ken, Ice Berg Slim, ??
My nigga T.I., can't forget my nigga Snoop Dogg he a pimp
Oh boy, my nigga Too Short you understand
And guess what... Turk and Kenoe
Yeah, and it's like that
Uh uh
*b**ch* b**ch better have my money
Uh huh, it's like that

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