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Tura Satana - Six Feet Deep lyrics

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Six Feet Deep by Tura Satana

Respect is a word that i live by whether chillin or illin i give it up and you ask why? cuz i'm a product of
The old school shootin my gift with the mic so what is up fool? with the drive-bys, lettin caps fly no measure
Of mercy on a crowd so a child dies... and sh*t is got scandalous blood stains the streets and the halls of los
Angeles shooting people at the age of 10 another life to be lived in the pen mono y mono, one on one you get
Yours fists up, those days are goine cuz here come the gunshots will it ever cease? 6 feet deep
So i stride with pride as i glide with an open eye always watchin my back because the streets lie as i try to
Find answers to all of my questions gunshots are keeping us guessin... will it ever cease? 6 feet deep will it
Ever cease? or just repeat...
(run a power move on em!)
So you want respect but won't give it better earn it, learn it, live it. these are the rules that i go by
Can't pretend a life didn't end so i... preach and teach the weak that sleep a new technique, so they won't end
Up...6 feet deep

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