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Tuatha De Danann - Farnsworth Road lyrics

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Farnsworth Road by Tuatha De Danann

As I Was Drivin' Through Las Vegas
By the way of Farnsworth Road,
There was a pretty dame, so I asked her name,
And said she carried quite a load.
She said, "I don't have time for strangers."
I said, "There's no one stranger than me."
She said, "you lend me advance, and I'll give you no sass
La Vega delivery."
I said, "A gal like you, with hair like that
All alone makes me rather sad."
She said, " Go at the girls? I'm a jealous girl,
And if he heard you he'd be mighty mad."
But it was much too late for runnin',
Cause behind me stood an eight foot goon.
He said, "I'll warn ya once," with a simple punch,
And I sank like a lead balloon.
And now I'm drivin' through Las Vegas,
With a lump that'd heat the stove.
And if I get the chance, I'll keep it in my pants,
On my way down Farnsworth Road!

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