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Tsu Surf - HIV III lyrics

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HIV III by Tsu Surf

Pop was still plottin
And make it still dyeing
Joke out of questions for Cammy
Take common ring for proposal when some
And cay was real low
sh*t honestly I think the face drow
Just simple stocking their penny, no
Her brother had to go, had to go
They joking and cant get nothing but the fame
He was done like on his last grams
Ready to ask from him and she now must say
f**k it! He try to be a man
Ok we all know that he being down
But got up and he got right
I wish mamma could see him now
Ready the ? when he see it drop down
Repeat the words a million times
You cant wait to see her smile
Meanwhile pop was in the middle room patient
Him shelves low beat cage Jason
Sky massive mind that was vague to take both miles and to came from the basement
This low nigga from the town
Already know how they got down
I kill a nigga for nothing right now
Sort of magic, pop excepting
Snoop guns and the pound
Each swinging bottle and scoop up Sorbian
I dont want this pussy dead
I need this nigga hold hand
f**k your head
f**k common sense
f**k logic
A contract wont quit score or popping no sing
Shells on the weed up
Jason just not it, Bk STARING, FOCUS YOUR MIND
And pop walk to the closet
You never guess whats inside it
I guess this what we think about is six alley
Was a girl back over here, hands on tight
Took the bag off and we shade
Your mother ever see like her closet think to cay?
Watch her for weeks he fallow her the whole day
When is war you gotta play, pop on, try to play
In some way I pay for this
Aint even try to take that b**ch
She try to scream when he pulled out the bag
He was walking out the bank, the rest happens so fast
Looking for her keys, face her hand in the bag
Pop-pop, smooth out and got bottle with the mack
And ever since sheve been tight
And that hand prints to a guy
If you get me out of this I leave that great song
On along, this is bullsh*t had to make up in her mind
Its simple have two hundred grinded in the seife
Ready to go now new person, new thing, new place
The destination got no reason to stop
May her mind up, she leaving if she leaving with pop
Its time to go
She was dying and nigga wanted this
So just stay dont be foolish, have more than enough bread
And the sunny in Miami willer magazines
Say already pick up the cr?me and the dopes dream had
She had wools, cut deep, long nights
Couldnt sleep, she was tired but felt week
Call and pop both time, both got the beat
And if I leave a message, probably go around with Joe
Is December we gotta go
Not go on her knees to get right
Was waving red bottles and suck a dick on a part of life
They with nigga cuz those niggas will ride wild
One of the wife roab a hun and stay on the street
And call the officer ride
And when she finish with that had it was right to the kitchen
Cooking on the phone, we can take the ass bicthes
Gas up and think she know a sh*t when she did it
But then they going grass and predictions
And pop and kill ? but that aint none of my business
Found out on December b**ch
That nigga be tripping
f**ked up graves just forty hoer chickens
Low key pop and bend harder, its all as a visit
You know Jay Brown skin away with a fitty
They run around with quating
They poped it in,
Im listening so technically she snitching
Joe pull up home, he take a deep breath
Look at the ring once, I provoke the less
He figure bout the future, he jug about the steps
And he gonna do this part
Cuz I aint do the rest, phone ring popping
I need that whole honey
Theres nothing left to say
Quit was trap fast on that day
Already made this others round last time for today
They been hold just like me
Just stat and get cut all the ?
Man on Miami and shell be strapping in the ?
There hundred stacks and the bey
That was deeping to the bey
Soon as they hand up in his ? way
It was a shooter lil grag, he was hope team
I know you probably busy with what you do or how you with
I think you should come and get me
Bust some moves while is on
You on the rush give me few, I met you out front
Now you can get me now, your got your nina
Just hang up the phone, my baby mama can dream on
Joe wish for the doe but it was crack
You call for carry while you reach for strap
Joe rich for the dog but he was cr*p
He call for the care while you before he strap
Round grab his jacket and his vest
Just officer wide, turn the backup request
Close and suspect the homicide
Seventy eight bound now I hang on toes
Joe hit a camera in the house
But saw her car and her keys on the couch
Usually by now he wont have a big mouth
They stop play and come out, no funny sh*t I got the gun out
And she playing, Imma joker
Grab the strap, tight and move a little closer
Aint no ably, he had tears, wasnt scare but we had fear
So we could be waiting at the top of the stairs
Then look a little brown on the way
So hes alone nigga, do you really wanna play?
Joe pop all people, I heard the nigga that feed you
Thats why you cant people today
Mac was s busy with the Gaza
She aint notice that hurting box was popping
20 miss text from her best
Meet me at the house b**ch, 20 minutes less
Ah, that was 2 hours ago
Some hit, a hole mil in the shower ago
Young niggas bring the straps, quick coming now
Imma go first when I see New York drop em down
Nigga be paranoid the sh*t will be wan from now
Ill leave at the front, yall go back and come around
Quick cause scoot another shutter
Hey lil bro, will beat in Pola?
Time to smoke when nigga cold world
How get and bring the max
Ery time is a quick sick and abuse this
Ill be smoke and hooked on my left
And vane yall met me at the on black block
God couldnt say them little niggas
Then we scamb boys, practically raise them little niggas
And not to clear war , friends turn enemies thats for sure
Carrel, how was the letter on the bed
Kiss the lipstick, reading in red
Still no signs of his play but this is what it said
First one you perfect by far
Im dark, night sky you a star
I think my floes make you shine better
I felt so dirty, you can find better
I met this nigga name Cay, how did you rhyme?
I dont know what to say
But Im gone, Chase deserve castle on this roam
Lets get your live every day for a pow
Im crying now cuz Im dying now
Im crying now cuz Im dying now
Im crying now cuz Im dying now
Im crying now cuz Im dying now
Look two has left
Walk six steps of death
Look two left, look two has left
Walk six steps of death
She was right there in the top
Face open, dripping blood
Did it with his gun she was gripping and snug
Lay right there, caring his love

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