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Tristan Prettyman - Spain lyrics

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Spain by Tristan Prettyman

Sometimes I cry, I don't know why
Cause this world is changing, leaving me behind
But I can't complain, this life I live
Is more than I have to offer, more than I have to give
But inside I'm screaming, but they can't hear me now
If you can reach me, I need you now more than I ever did
And so I sit, and stare at the sky
And if you're here, please tell me why
This oceans big, so far and wide
And everyday I watch the sun fade from my eyes
And now I'm praying, so God if you can hear me help me out
Shed some light on my life, cause I need it now more than I ever did
If you saw me now, you'd say don't cry
Baby girl wipe those tears from your eyes
Cause now your doing, everything they said you couldn't do
And now you realize you don't need them as much as you thought you did
And now they're screaming, and you can hear them loud and clear
And now they need you, just like you needed them

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