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Trick Daddy - She's fiendin'( skit) lyrics

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She's fiendin'( skit) by Trick Daddy

Phone Ringin
Friend: Hello!
Friends:Girl whats wrong calm down
Friend:Tell Me Whats Wrong, Slow Down Slow Down Slow Down Calm Down Slow
Down Slow Down
She: Girl he didnt call me he wont call me
Friend:Who Wont call you,Who Wont Call You, Slow Down Slow Down
She:Trick,Yea I Keep Callin Him
Friend:You f**k Trick
Friend:I Told You Not To f**k That Nigga
She:Why He Wont Call Me
Friend:He Got Dat Double Dose Sista Dont Do Dat
She:Girl Im Fienin FOr It, girl
Friend:Thas Wat Im Tryna Tell You,You Got Me, I Took A Year To Get Ova Mine
She:Cuz It Waz So Long, It Waz So LOngggg
Friend:Yea I Know
She:It Waz So Long
Friend:I Know Girl, I Know Guess What Ima Call HIm Ryght NOw For You
She:Ok Tell Him Tell Him To Call Me, OK
Friend:Ima Call Him Ryght Now Ima Call HIm Ryght NOw, Dont Worry Bout A Thang,
I Gotchu

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