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Trial - When There's Nothing Left To Lose lyrics

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When There's Nothing Left To Lose by Trial

She's tried so hard to fit the mold
To embrace the image she's been sold
She'll binge and purge to fill her soul but she's wasting away
He thinks the cure for his frustration lies
In the battering of what he despises
The children face his ruthless eyes
They'll grow up blind with tears of rage
In agony eternally but are we practicing our hunger well?
Cowering in corners
Can we find freedom beneath the blows?
Crawling like roaches awaiting mercy from the merciless
Decimated alienated with nothing left to lose
Left to die alone he fights disgrace
Not immune even to the fear he'll face
As he comes to know that he's been condemned
By those who profit from his pain
Her golden years have rusted through
And now there's nothing left for her to do
But to demand the respect she longed for in her youth
And hope that when her time comes
She will not have died in vain
Are the poisons we endorse worth more then our flesh?
Is the only peace we'll know awaiting us in death?
I've reached the limit there is nothing left to lose
Yet a choice still remains a choice still remains to survive
I claim this life
I claim this hope
I claim these horrors for my own
I claim it all

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