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Travis Porter - When In Rome lyrics

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When In Rome by Travis Porter

Well, you must be from the city
Cause you sure ain't from round here
There ain't no smoke free section
We don't sell no import beer
You been throwin' round that attitude
Since you walked through the door
I don't know where you come from but you
Ain't there anymore
When in rome you can do like the romans
But where you're down home
You better do like us
You've been lookin' down your nose
At our water tower town
Ain't no one getting rich
But there's enough to go around
If you don't't like Tracy's cookin'
Well you best still leave a tip
She's back there in that kitchen
With a baby on her hip
Repeat chorus
You put your best foot forward
When you go to meet a man
Look him in the eye
And put a good grip on his hand
Don't cuss around the ladies
Tell us how to raise our kids
We like doin' business
Like our daddy's daddies did
When you drive off in your beamer
If you don't do 35
Don't give no lip to Buford
Or he might just dot your eye
And when your at the courthouse
Before judge mcCall
You'd best not say a word
'bout them commandments on his wall
Repeat chorus 2x
Yeah, when in Rome
You can do like the romans

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