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Travis Porter - If The Fall Don't Kill You lyrics

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If The Fall Don't Kill You by Travis Porter

They'd been high school sweethearts since they were just fifteen
A storybook beginning with the wedding of their dreams
Consumed by his ambition he soon left her at home
With a promise and an empty house and too much time alone
Her boredom turned to drinkin' and drinkin' turned to lies
And he let her get too far gone before he realized
And you wouldn't recognize them if you'd known them way back when
Cause now the flame of love's burned out and can't be lit again
And it's the same old story
You've heard a thousand times
Somebody's trust gets broken
Somebody's left behind
You try walkin a tightrope
But it's all uphill
And if the fall don't kill you
Lord the heartbreak will
Two more childhood sweethearts in a small town far away
Commited to each other since before their wedding day
This will last forever that's what the whole town said
But there are some temptations that can turn a good man's head
She was unexpected when she came home from town
She never ever noticed all the window shades pulled down
And though he begged forgiveness she turned and ran away
With the image of betrayal that time just can't erase
And it's a sad old benediction to a wasted slice of life
And there's an overwhelming price you've got to pay
It's a losin' proposition and it cuts just like a knife
And you can't expect the hurt to go away
And if the fall don't kill you
Lord the heartbreak will
Oh yeah

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