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Transmatic - Gravitate lyrics

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Gravitate by Transmatic

There's no coming back from where we've been
You've saying "different people change", get it?
What's the point in letting me find out like that?
We'll, this is something that they don't advise
Communication is the only relation
So why did I find out like that?
Well you should' a known better
Is that what you're saying?
I never really take advice but from you I take anything.
We really connected (first time I saw you)
I found a reflection ( at least I thought I did)
"A thousand ways to leave your lover"
But only one to stay.
Should'a known better
Than to follow
But all in the way that you gravitate into someone.
You were afraid of something
I didn't understand
We separate with nothing
Do you wonder where I am?
And if you change your mind - I'm sorry
I'm so under whelmed
Don't even think it, don't even try.
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