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Tracedawn - Dirt Track Speedball lyrics

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Dirt Track Speedball by Tracedawn

Running wild with my head in the clouds
Don't try to hold me down
Forget all else, be all you can be
It's a one-time chance, don't throw it away!
Make way!
I'll ride this wave until it dies on me
Won't stand still!
I'm not afraid to fail. I'm going for the kill!
Make way!
Got this far, won't start again!
Live your life on the edge
You will not fall. The world is waiting
Harness your dreams,
They will take you far away to a place...
A place where you will feel alive!
I feel the rush and I like what I feel
I hope it lasts a lifetime
Let yourself loose
It's the only way to make the most of your days
Make way!
Have to see it all while
I still have the strength to go on
Won't stand still!
Distractions in my way will not make me stray!
Won't stand still!
Got this far, won't start again!

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