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TQ - Best friend lyrics

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Best friend by TQ

(My best friend)
I remember the day I met ya
You almost drove me crazy
Something 'bout ya had me goin'
(But it wasn't like my girlfriend)
As I commenced to get to know ya
All the things that I told ya
Times you asked me to hold ya
(Real damn hard to explain)
You always talked about bein' so lonely
How your nigga always trippin'
Tellin' me he treat ya like sh*t and
You don't know why you're messin' with him
Just couldn't find no happiness
But you're too damn beautiful for this
So my only mission
Prevent anybody from trippin' on my best friend
1 - I'm gon' get them
You gon' be there too
Only wanna see you happy
In case you didn't know, you're my best friend
You got me and it's gon' be us too
So now you gotta keep your head up
I'm gonna be your best friend
Everytime I'd sit and think about it
You make me wanna check that busta
But y'all so far away
(Cuz you wouldn't let me anyway)
Everytime I see you, why you gotta be crying?
Don't look like you get no sleep at night
Baby girl, is everything all right?
I ain't gonna worry 'bout ya
But I got so much damn love for ya
It's a struggle to keep my sanity when I know you ain't happy
And I'm tryna let you be
But it just don't work
Cuz any minute, I'll be in the club goin' berzerk
Puttin' in work on the jerk that's pullin' your skirt
Your protector, not gon' let nobody hurt you no more
If you comin' with me baby, I'ma open the door
And you ain't gotta cry no more (don't cry no more)
Repeat 1
Repeat 1
I can't lie
You would be my baby if I didn't have a girlfriend
Only one I'm not gon' be in love with
And then we'd be huggin'
And if a mothaf**ka try to hurt you, I'm actin' up
You don't need to worry, I'ma serve on him (chop him up)
You ain't lived your life enough to let this punk nigga box you up
(That's why I got your love)
Repeat 1 to fade
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