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Toys Dangerous - Sport'n A Woody lyrics

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Sport'n A Woody by Toys Dangerous

Well there' women in the city that make me feel sh*tty
And there's some that make me pack a wad
But the ones that are fine, oh will never be mine
They won't even give me the time of day
1st Chorus:
I ain't got no money, i ain't got no home
I gotta find me a bim to live with tonight
2nd Chorus:
Sport'n a woody, when you're walkin' by
Sport'n a woody, when you're titties fly
Sport'n a woody, rippin' my fly
Sport'n a woody, till the day i die yeah
Well my woody gets big when you're takin' a swig
And your drink's makin you loosen up
Starts a-talkin' to me, well look down and you'll see
What the hell i been talkin' about
1st Chorus
2nd Chorus
Don't know what i'm gonna do, can't stop lookin' at you
'Cause you're sure lookin' nice to me
Well i wish you were sedated
So i could at least penetrate you
For an hour, maybe three yeah
I can't go downtown much, all the working girl butts
ya know they really make my woody happy
But in the night clubs and such
And all the corner sl*ts
Might just make my waistband go snappy!
Sport'n a woody
Sport'n a woody
Sport'n a woody
Sport'n a woody
Sport'n a woody, for the rest of my life I'll be...
2nd Chorus

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