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Toy Dolls - Rodney's Memory lyrics

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Rodney's Memory by Toy Dolls

Rodney gave Sheila a slap when she begged him not to drink
"Mind yer own damn bussiness" Rodney snarled, he didn't think
Now everything from then is blurred but Rodney can't forget those words
She cried....
Now Rodney was a slob, he treat Sheila just like muck
"Move yourself" he growled and dragged her to his pick-up truck
He looped the loop in a drunken stuper down the mountain side
When Sheila cried.....
[Guitar Bit]
OH! Rodney took her in his arms and through the broken glass
He climbed out of the wreckage & he lay her on the grass
He had too many beers, but he couldn't hide the tears
When Sheila cried.....

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