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Toy lyrics

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Lyrics for album: TOY (2012)

Ai No Uta
All Over Again
Anybody's Child
Astral Aliens
Ballad For A Lost Friend
Ballet Of The Cripple
Beggars Can't Be Choosers
Breaking The News
Bury The World
Can't Afford To Lose
Carry On Boy
Celestial Science
Chance For A Lifetime
Change The World
Change The World (English Version, Full)
Change The World (English, Tv Size)
Change The World (Español)
Change The World (Japanese And Full Version)
Change The World (Traduccion Al Español)
Change The World (Tv Size)
Change The World (Tv. Español Version)
Close To The Fire
Come (Tv Size, W/ English Translation
Daughter Of The Moon
Daughter Or Son
Dead Bird Flies Forever
Dearest (Japanese Version)
Do As Infinity (Version Tv Mexicano)
Do As Infinity 2 (10 Endig)(Español)
Do As Infinity(Final/Español)
Do As Infinity(Tv/Español/Ending)
Do You Care
Dream Child
Epilogue: The Fate Of Man
Every Heart
Every Heart (English)
Every Heart (Español)
Every Heart (Japanese Version)
First Signs Of Spring
For All The Wrong Reasons
Forever Is A Lonely Thought
Four Seasons
Friend Of The Stars
Frozen Flame
Fukai Mori (English Version)
Fukai Mori (Español)
Fukai Mori (Full English Version)
Fukai Mori (Japanese Version)
Fukai Mori (Traduccion Al Español)
Fukai Mori (Tv-Size)
Give It A Name
Grip! (Japanese Version
Grip! Espanol
Hard Work
His Master's Noise
Hold Me Forever
Hope For A Life
I Am
I Am (Traduccion Al Español)
I Am (Tv Size)
I Am-Español Tv Version
I Want To Change The World (English)
I Want You To Be Mine
If History Was Mine Alone
If This Is Your Welcome
If You Really Need Me Now
Itasura Na Kiss
Itazura Na Kiss (Tv - Español)
Itazura Na Kiss (Tv Size)
Jenny Place Your Bets
Jougen No Tsuki
Keep The Change
Life Of Gold
Love Lies
Love's Aglow
Lovely Luna
Miracle Man
Moments Of Joy
Motorod (Tv/Español)
Mouldy Wood
Mountain Too Rough
My Will
My Will (Traduccion Al Español)
My Will (Tv Size)
My Will (Tv Version, English)
My Will(Español)
No More Words (Japanese Version)
No More Words [Ayumi Hamasaki]
Now That We've Come This Far
One Day One Dream (W/ English Translation)
One Way Or Another
Owari Nai Yume (Inu Yasha 3rd Opening Song)
Owari Nai Yume (Japanese Version)
Periscope Life
Phantom Of The Night
Raid Your Own House
Royal Bed Bouncer
Ruthless Queen
Sad To Say Farewell
Said No Word
Save My Wife
Settle Down
Shinjitsu No Shi
Shinjitsu No Uta(Tv - Español)
Silver Bells (Coming Century)
Sotsugyo(Episode 124)
Starlight Dancer
Still My Heart Cries For You
Still Try To Write A Book
The Car Enchanter
The Inquisition
The King's Enchanter
The Last Battle
The Last Encore
The Monk's Comment 4
The Purest Of Knights
The Secret Study
The Student
The Sword In The Stone
They Get To Know Me
Under The Radar
We Are Not Amused
What's Done Is Done
Why (Sung By Dream)
Winning Ways
You're So Bizarre
Yura Yura (Japanese Version)
Yura Yura(Japanese Translated)

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