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Toxic Infinity - Later Days lyrics

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Later Days by Toxic Infinity

Women you can't live with them you can't live without them
Sometimes it's best to stick with what you got and sometimes
It's your friends that are there even when it looks like your shot
Breakups are tough and writing songs is rough especially when that person
That you wrote it for is gone and hates you more
I did nothing wrong except I said I would never meet anyone else but I was wrong
I met someone else and I felt sparks fly and magic brew and you shouldn't be mad because you told me to enjoy single life so screw you.
There's nothing wrong with trying new things
Meeting new people and becoming in sync
For once I am happy and glad that you're gone but your still mad and you hate
And you degrade me and you try to persuade me and make me feel like the culprit…
You're the one that set me free made me single…a single soul
Thanks you were a good friend but sometimes friendships have to end
Sad to say it this one just did time to part ways expressions fade…later days

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