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Town Pants - The Lamenters Lament lyrics

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The Lamenters Lament by Town Pants

I've come to the conclusion life is here to pull my chain
One step forward ten steps back it's too much for my brain
Seven days of misery will start to get you down
It seems I have a barrel full of sorrows I should drown
Hey, hey, why can't things just go my way?
I'm sick and tired of dealing with this shit.
Hey, hey, it's just another lousy day
I think I'll sit and drink here for a bit, just for a bit.
I know it can't be all that bad there are some days it ain't
But then a bad one comes along & I start to chew the paint
A stronger man could handle it I know that isn't me
There could be good things all around I too pissed off to see
Things are getting better, I'm learning not to care
More than just a bit
Now I know that if at first you don't always succeed
You can always quit!
Some say I'm a complainer and others at me scoff
But as for what I think of that well they can all piss off
My misery is company it forces me to think
Like right now, for example, I think I'll have a drink

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