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Too Phat - Walk With Me (Feat. Noreen) (Muchachaz),... lyrics

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Walk With Me (Feat. Noreen) (Muchachaz),... by Too Phat

Intro (Lah)
Everytime I close my eyes
Shorty I see you
Right there with me
Walk with me
Verse 1 (Joe Flizzow)
Girl I seen you do your thang
Make a playa' wanna holla'
Seen cats trying to run game
Impress you with their dollars
You ain't like that
That's what I love about you
No need no man to give you ends
And try support ya'
You rock manolo things
Your blings match your rims
You only know me as that rapper
Workout at your gym
I seen you work that punching bag
Releasing ya' anger
Baby something's stressing you
That's why you look so gangsta'
That ish attracting me
Cos' boo you ain't fake
Let me step to you
Holla' boo make it a date
Then we can conversate
Get to know what you hate
And what you want
Ain't trying to front
I ain't no second rate
I'm the real deal
Ain't no run of the mill
And I'm digging you crazy
Your style is real I'll
So take a walk with me
Open up and talk to me
Ain't no pressure
Just kick it
That's how it's gonna be
No fancy restaurants
We both sick of that
Let's take a stroll
If you cold wrap my hoodie
Round your back
Walk to your doorstep
Give me that smile baby
Hot damn you the ish...
Chorus (Lah)
Everytime I close my eyes
I fantasize myself with you (Shorty I see you)
Shorty lookin' tight
I bet you'll look so right with me
There's so much to talk about
So yeah let's talk about it
While we walk around
Now baby come, right
Hold me tight
And take a walk with me...
Verse 2 (Noreen) -acap

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