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Too $hort - I Ain't Nothin But A Dog lyrics

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I Ain't Nothin But A Dog by Too $hort

I've been a dog ever since I was young
I saw The Mack and got all so sprung
I couldn't help it, I had to be just like that
With a stable of hoes and my pockets fat
But don't trip, I made up my mind when I was 17
I ain't with no marriage and a wedding ring
I be a player for life, forget about a wife
She just ain't my type
Cause i mack each hoe and get richer
And if it ain't like that then I forget ya
I know you're just a freak, hoe
You're so nasty
That's why you're stairin'
When you walk like pass me
b**ch, now you're lookin' back
All dogs must chase the cat
So here I come, I just wanna f**k you and cut
Treat you like trampy sl*t
So much game when homies' tough
Meet a b**ch like you and smooth come up
I have your fake-ass closin' up bank accounts
Spittin' straight pimpgame from the Oakland-town
It's been done before and i do it again
Break your mama, your sista and all your friends
$hort dog's on the microphone
And I won't stop mackin' till my bank is long
So try to break me if you wanna
From me you get nothin' but drama
If you're a rich b**ch, I got a new twist
And if you're with it, b**ch
Then we can do this
Put me on the payroll
Bick me down bankroll
Buy me a benz and keep my tank full
Cause other than that, I don't need no brood
$hort Dog ain't nothin' but a dog...
I got all my game from East Oakland's street
So mothaf**k you damn sh*t-head freaks
Couldn't pay me enough to treat you right
Cause $hort Dog ain't nothin' nice
Like a sucka-mothaf**ka let a b**ch be boss
Tellin' him how much she wants
Let her use your car
I'm from oakland, bi

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