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Tony Vincent - Must Be The Season lyrics

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Must Be The Season by Tony Vincent

Ten thousand men go marching up
the hill and when they reach the top
they go on marching down
to fields of blood and spoils of war and then
it's five a.m i don't know what
i'm doing up and on the floor
it's just so strange to see
the grace that's raining down on me
(raining down on me)
There's no rhyme
there's no reason
must be the season
of God's love
Through broken glass and hungry eyes
a father tells his children lies
he says he's coming back
but he knows he's not coming back again
i could have been that man if i
had not surrendered to the call
the pull was strong enough
to bend my will and break my fall
(no more need to fall)
I don't pretend to know the reason i've been chosen to recieve
the mercy strength and peace- his dying on the cross for me released
must be the season
must be the season
of God's love.
From the album... 'Tony Vincent'.

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