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Tommy Lee - My Baby's Doggin' Me lyrics

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My Baby's Doggin' Me by Tommy Lee

My Baby's Doggin' Me 2:36 Trk 15 Disc 1
Tommy McClennan
Recorded: Friday May 10, 1940 Chicago, Illinois
RCA Studio C., A&R - Lester Melrose
Tommy McClennan - vocal & guitar, unk string bass
Album: RCA Bluebird Recordings 1939 -1942
RCA 07863, 67430-2 (BMG Music) 1997
My baby's doggin' me
My baby's doggin' me
I'm gettin' sick an tired-a
The way my baby's doggin' me
Now, she dog me ev'ry mo'nin
She dog me late at night
She keep on a-doggin' me
Say, we gon' make ev'rything alright
Look-a-here, mama
Gettin' tired of way, the way you do
I'm gettin' tired, baby
The way you keep on doggin' me
Now, look-a-here, mama
Tell me where you stay last night?
She said, 'It ain't none yo' business
You know you don't treat me right'
Cry, ooh
Baby, you know I don't like the way you do
Yeah, mama
You know you're really doggin' me
Now, I done tol' you once, pretty mama
Ain't gon' tell ya no mo'
You can get all my lovin'
If you just let him go
I said, look-a-here, babe
I'm gettin' tired of way you doggin' me
'Cause I love you, pretty mama
Better'n any woman I ever seen
'Play it man, play it'
Yas, yas!
Mmm, my baby's doggin' me
Mmm-hm, my baby's doggin' me
I love that little ol' woman
Better'n any woman I ever seen
Oh, be-bop, dee-da
Dee-dee, da-da.

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