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Tnt - Gal You A Lead lyrics

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Gal You A Lead by Tnt

Ga'll you alead (Hey!)
Yes indead (Hey!)
Your gonna lead (Hey!,Hey!,Hey!)
Ga'll you Goooooon You ah Leeeeeed
(1st VERSE)
On your mark get set go and der ? off
1st place in dem race girls dat lost
Ifa a look good test again more den past
With finesse and dey class
Shaped like an 1hr glass
And mass pressure dem in a E- class
And me kno you shoppin it
Na matter what it cost
Dem na no where so dem quick fe talk
An you bun dem
Tru you takin off like an aircraft
(Verse 2)
So me go so when me trouble dem wine gal cuz you in you prime
You get a life sentance if looking good was a crime belly skin
Smoothhim no pull up a line
And your round like a 2 pound kind kind ur devine
Bounce a gal caus she na worth ya time
She can walk beside a you she hafte stand behind cock up ya bumpa ya hav de man dem blind
But any man you want you, you dem have 2 form a line
Da man dem a watch you like everyday
Tru dem kno ya botty good and ya no giv it away
So all de little fasse dem arode dem a say
How dem gonna stop you now livin large and incharge but them gal them a broad
You no buy clothes a yad dem see you shoppim abroad
So all dem lickle fasse dem arode dem a call
How dey gonna stop you now girl
(1st Verse) REPEAT

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