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Titan Force - Eyes Of The Young lyrics

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Eyes Of The Young by Titan Force

We see the future stained in untruth
Shadowing over the eyes of the youth
Dark clouds, that fill the horizon with mire
Raining it's sorrow on men
Can you feel the sadness of our mother earth?
(Alone she cries)
No one can save her, it's to late
Fools cry with their idle words as the children look on
Innocent hearts filled with their minds they take the first step
(We take it together)
Little children with understanding
Meek in their helpful ways, they inherit this place
Learn from your yesterday, never say it's too late
Together, we save tomorrow
Paradise is in the eyes, eyes of the young
The hands of a child can change history
(We change it together)
Destiny is in the eyes, eyes ot the young
Drinking from streams that are poisoned with waste
You can tell by the taste
Filling rivers with death and their pockets with greed
(A demon seed)
Payoffs are healthy and no word is said
Daddy gets rich and no one asks why his children cry
We see the future stained in untruth
Yet there is hope in the eyes of our youth
The deeds of the young are steadfast and true
Save our mother earth
If you turn your hand she will turn on you
Give of yourself and you get in return
If nothing else you must learn to yourself hold true
It begins with you!

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