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Tim Minchin - One Girl Cried lyrics

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One Girl Cried by Tim Minchin

In a room just like so many
Knives and forks and glasses clatter
He sat behind a microphone
In a corner where it didn't matter
For honest pay an honest player
Sang for tips and vacant stares
On a nowhere night like any other
In a nowhere place where no one cares
She took a seat at an empty table
Looked at the specials on the menu there
She'd been out of love for the longest time
Told her friends she didn't care
But from his list he picked a sad one
Because his heart was empty too
And the song she heard was like an arrow
From Cupid's bow it fairly flew
And one girl cried to a melody that turned around her soul
One girl cried amazed at how the lyric took it's toll
There beside a little table she thought she was safe alone
But the music hit it's mark when one girl cried
People try to make things happen
They plant a seed to make it grow
They choose a crop to fit the climate
Till the soil into a row
But these two people had it different
More like bees on a flower vine
Instinct told them where to wander
Without a map they made out fine
Remember there's a hundred failures
For every seed that sprouts and grows
It's rare to find the right conditions
These things only nature knows
But miracles are bound to happen
And these two might just pass the test
And get the care and love they need
To carry on for all the rest
Repeat Chorus

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