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Tim Minchin - Footsteps So Near lyrics

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Footsteps So Near by Tim Minchin

There's a tale they tell down in old Wolf County
Of a murderous husband and his family of three
One day a neighbor from over the hill
He found them dead in the cabin it was so deathly still
The killer he left a note and I know how it read
I hope you don't find me I'd rather be dead
Than to live in your jailhouse for the rest of my days
Until a jury it hangs me for my wicked ways
Sometimes at night I wake to the sound
Of the men in the distance and the baying of hounds
Once on a full moon in the spring of the year
I heard breaking branches and footsteps so near
Well the posse it searched it was five days or more
He hid in a cave by the steep river shore
‘Til he gave himself up he started walking downtown
Before he got to the courthouse a man shot him down
He said I'm not sorry for what I have done
But I cannot live like a man on the run
I'm glad that you killed me you can dig me my grave
It can't be much worse than that dark lonely cave

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