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Tilt - Leaning Like A Barn lyrics

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Leaning Like A Barn by Tilt

I hit every red light, I threw everything out of the house I left, but I =
came back, walk backwards through the door, you didn't save a bit for =
me, you didn't nod or disagree, our sidewalk is askew, our rent is =
overdue. I'm leaning like a barn, I'm abandoned like a house, I'm =
feeling like a knife in a drawer. Admit you brought the drought, you're =
so dry to the touch, and I pray for the rain. I'd love to help you bake, =
but the killer on your face says you're gone, you didn't leave a note =
for me, you didn't see me sharpening, my steps are falling through, our =
home is ready to split in two. Don' need a sickle to cut you down, don't =
need no driving rod to track you down, the rains are coming and the sky =
is brown, the weather vane is spinning, spinning around.
Submitted by: Mel

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