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Tiffany Hulse - Go To Belize lyrics

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Go To Belize by Tiffany Hulse

I want to go to Belize.
Endless water and a warm, soft breeze.
Oh, won't you accompany me please.
'Cause Baby, I want to go to Belize.
[Verse 1]
I've been trying so hard to get away.
And I think today just might be the day.
To grab you by the hand, Run our feet through the warm sand.
You know, the best way to escape your life is with me.
[Verse 2]
Can you smell the coconut and gin?
And the salt spray sticking to your skin.
It doesn't get better than this, Can't believe a place like this exists.
It's so easygoing, laidback, and carefree.
This sweet-smelling ocean calms the nerves,
It's exactly what the both of us deserve.
Working from 8 to 5 each day,
It sure does seem to really get in the way.
Of putting up your feet with drink in hand,
And lying in a hammock above the warm soft sand.
So take a holiday, don't lose control,
And let the crashing of the waves be the rhythm of your soul.
[Verse 3]
Draw in a deep breath and let it out.
The fresh air will erase your stress without a doubt.
If I could find an ol' pay phone, And tell the boss I'm not coming home,
Then we could spend our days in paradise by the sea.
[Chorus 3x]

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