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Thy Art Is Murder - Infinite Death lyrics

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Infinite Death by Thy Art Is Murder

I fuck your daughters
Hack them up
Kill them one by one
The taste of pure slut is all that keeps me here
Lock up your doors
Lock up the sluts
Lock up their cunts
Everything I want I fucking own
My life revolves around fucking possession
Everything that I own I just posses to dismember
They love to watch themselves hacked apart
All their limbs will be removed
Enter the mind of a psychopath
Where girls remain possessions
Do you love what I have done?
Raping just for the fun
Have I lost my mind?
For becoming who I am
It's all your fucking fault
Dumb bitches fuck they don't understand
This world does not revolve around them
All your limbs will be removed with tedious precision
What's left is fucking useless but still breathing
Each breath feeds them as they chew flesh
My conscience escapes me when I feel the warm insides of sluts
All your limbs will be removed
I live two separate lives
I'm hiding in disguise
Seek and you'll fucking find
I live two separate lives
Hidden from their fucking eyes
I hunt in secret
I hunt in silence
I stalk my prey in secret
Watch them waste away

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