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Three Plus - Undercover lover lyrics

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Undercover lover by Three Plus

You’re standing there with your man
But I see you lookin’ at me
And so I gave you a little smile
Then you smile back at me
And ooh girl, how can I get you all alone
And ooh girl, I wanna take you home
Cause I wanna be your undercover lover
That no one else can discover
Your undercover lover tonight girl, tonight girl
I seen you on Wednesday night
Watchin’ Ho’onu’a give that feel good vibe
You’re dancin’ there with your friends
I’m so happy that I get to see you again
Your smile girl is making me go crazy
So please girl, please come home with me
(Repeat chorus)
At last we’re together again
Can we be friends with benefits
I’ll call you up on your cell
If you don’t tell then I won’t tell
I know girl that you got a man
We’ll keep it on the downlow
And stick to my plan
(Repeat chorus)

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