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Thoushaltnot - The Final Year lyrics

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The Final Year by Thoushaltnot

There's no way outside; you're here with your beliefs
And the change in action which was meant to end the grief
See you scratch the walls 'til your hands are stumps
Make the world conform on this notice brief
Never before and never again
Will they toss the righteous into the lions' den
Atlantic sea of blood as the sun draws near
The sanguine boiling ending this, the final year
And sure as you had hoped, the entropy reveals
That the so-called truth is parallel to what you feel
All on the mortal plane, nothing more is thought
And that you can't see is all that there is not
How the child has grown to this human mass
So relentless in his quest for that which seems to last
And the pillar great, moved from man to man
All but one convinced by the world at hand
Across an armament of human skin in the midst of what is real
And what is for us to feel and act upon, ever to justify
And you succeed, never a price too high
And the sand is falling faster, and it's falling free
Covering the great divides that be
And the ground is rising closer and the sky grows not near
Loving you, the final year

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