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Thoushaltnot - Polarity lyrics

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Polarity by Thoushaltnot

Lashes pulled all out barnacles smother skin
Pry my swollen eyes another day begin
Stay awake or go insane a favorite youthful spree
Find escape or live in pain, there's something here for me
Most arcane and obsolete are palette captured thoughts
Dress myself in lace to feel a time that Earth forgot
Lifting up my skull to build the strength I need ahead
The strength that once brought all to me has all but left me dead
Rapture in the rupturing
Of all that I don't need
And force the heat into my neck
As proof that you agreed
So drink of this
Everyone believes, everyone will see
Peel my arms away, another day to be
Sitting in polarity, poised against another me
Slip myself beneath my feet, I've lost and broken free
Vultures circle high
Just pretend you're not untied
Hide your flexibility
One more simian tendency
And a shot rings it's all of you
Suddenly you're good as new
This in eyes of gross misled
Cough up lies that I've been fed

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