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Thoushaltnot - G.L.M. lyrics

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G.L.M. by Thoushaltnot

Girls like me don't understand how we wind up Siamese twins
Connected at the neck, when you breathe out, our bodies breathe in
And girls like me don't talk about who's really in control
For when your mouth is open, we can see right down that hole
For all you know of skin and bones, the muscles, brain, and heart
Can you not learn the distance when we stand so close apart?
Girls like me have given up on lending out our eyes
For if and when you bring them back, they've shrunk another size
Your tiny tweezer hands are so precise but cold as steel
And girls like me are sick of being flesh they touch but never feel
For all you know of nervous systems, organs, and insides
Has science taught you nothing of what's underneath the hide?
And girls like me can trace the shadows as they fade away
Running from the sun and dying at the end of day
Girls like me can she'd your body, lose this extra weight
We'll cut your throat if that's what it will take for twins to separate

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