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Thor's Hammer - The(ir) Modern Freedom lyrics

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The(ir) Modern Freedom by Thor's Hammer

They say at last we have a freedom,
The Mother Europe can take deep breath.
No tyrant can disturb the peace,
No nazis will walk the streets...
But if you don' t wish to be free
On the terms of New World Order.
Prepare yourself for bloody war,
They'll force you to enjoy the freedom.
First they isolate your land,
And let your folk slowly die,
Then they prepare final attack,
Saying you that' s for your own good...
The phantom named democracy
Must poison every human mind.
They say it' s a key to real freedom,
But is it really the right key?
They count the number of heads
Without regard what they contain,
The pawns, ignorants and fools,
Their vote decides who rules your land.
This is true face of modern freedom,
If you accept these rules you live
But if you have honor and pride,
They will want you soon to die...
[Dedicated to the brave nation of Serbia)]

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