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This Awkward Silence - Wood For Trees lyrics

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Wood For Trees by This Awkward Silence

All i've got is one shot
So let's get it over with
Tell me where do i aim
It's all the same to me
I've got nothing to lose and nothing to gain
I thought i was halfway but i'm not even close
I am running in circles around you
Without ever getting a clearer view of you
If you want it to end right here
It will end right here
This will be the end of the line
If you want me to pull over now
I will pull over now
I will turn around right here
All it takes is all i'm not
All i need is all you've got
Show me where do i go
I can't see the wood for the trees
You have brought me so far
Now finish what you've started
You have brought me so far
Now won't you take me home
Cut it off. cut it off
If it leads you astray
If it pulls you away
From where you should be
It's better to go blind
Than to never go at all
It's better to take the fall
Than to never fall at all

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