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This Awkward Silence - Don't Go There lyrics

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Don't Go There by This Awkward Silence

You're the thorn in my side
I get to feel you from time to time
You stir up what i try to hide
I don't have a life besides you
You're the beam in my eyes
I get to see that love is blind
You tell me the story of our lives
And the reason why we are here
Don't go there. don't go there
I can't cope with everything
That we should have been
Don't go there
Don't go there
I'm so aware of everything
That we could have been
You're the love of my life
I can't deny we're one of a kind
You attack me on my weakest side
And make me cross the line again
You can be anything you want to
But don't be like this to me
You can go anywhere you want to
But don't go there

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